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STrategic directions 2016-2019

Vision Statement

Advancing and enriching architectural education through librarianship.

Mission Statement

AASL advocates for architectural librarianship, builds community for members, and 
fosters professional growth through mentoring, partnership, and collaboration.

Strategic Directions

1 Advocate and Educate

We believe that our specialized expertise and skills uniquely enable us to advocate for architectural librarianship and to partner with architectural educators.

1a) AASL advocates for architectural librarianship.

1b) AASL supports architectural education.  

1c) AASL establishes relationships with related organizations in order to be a voice for architectural librarianship.

2 Build Community

We believe that through inclusion, service, and shared knowledge we build a strong community of engaged professionals.

2a) AASL encourages diversity and inclusion in order to broaden our organizational perspective and to more completely represent the world in which we work.

2b) AASL promotes opportunities for participation in the association in order to leverage members’ broad range of talents and experiences.

2c) AASL builds networks and cultivates a culture to support the sharing of professional expertise.

3 Foster Growth

We believe that every member contributes to and benefits from our association; we take responsibility for developing and sharing our skills and knowledge.

3a) AASL creates a body of shared knowledge to support our work as architecture librarians.

3b) AASL develops educational opportunities to build fundamental knowledge, practices, and skills essential for information professionals working in architecture-related fields.

3c) AASL empowers members to serve as leaders inside the organization and in their work environments.

Approved by AASL Executive Board: November 2016
Strategic Planning Task Force: 
Jeff Alger, Cindy Frank, Gabriella Karl-Johnson, Rebecca Price, Elizabeth Schaub, Amy Trendler

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