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(One year term)
  • Act as official spokesperson for the organization
  • Develop agenda and run Annual Business Meeting
  • Appoint a Nominating Committee and Chairperson for annual elections

Vice-President / President-Elect

(Elected, one year term)
  • Plan and schedule sessions, panels, tours, and speakers for the Annual Meeting
  • Work with ACSA event planner to coordinate schedules, room availability, and reception invitations
  • Appoint a Program Committee to help with the above


(Elected, two year term)
  • Collect dues and registration fees
  • Maintain bank account and investments
  • Submit annual Treasurer's Report
  • Maintain list of active members
  • Answer questions about membership


(Elected, two year term)
  • Takes minutes at annual business meeting and submits them the following year


(Elected, three year term)
  • Maintains and updates all aspects of the Association's website

Column Editor

(Elected, one year term)

  • Solicits articles from AASL members for publication in the ACSA Newsletter
  • Edits submitted articles and coordinates publication with ACSA representatives


(Voluntary, open-ended term)

  • Keeps permanent records of the Association

Nominating Committee

(Appointed annually by President)

  • One Chairperson and two others nominate a slate of officers, as needed
  • Submit slate to President by January 1
  • Prepare ballot, electronic or hard copy, and conduct election to be concluded by March 1

Program Committee

(Voluntary, appointed annually by Vice-President)
  • With the Vice-President, shares the work load of planning the Annual Meeting

Executive Board

  • Consists of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President
  • Meets after Annual Meeting to map out the upcoming year and take care of any loose ends from the meeting just held
  • Confers with each other, as needed, on problems during the year
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