AASL Business Meeting
April 13, 2002
8:00-9:30 a.m.
New Orleans, LA

Judy Connorton, AASL President, presiding.

The meeting began with a brief presentation by Sharon Matthews, the new Executive Director of NAAB, in which she acknowledged the importance of libraries to the accreditation process and expressed a desire for AASL to assist in the training of accreditation teams to evaluate architecture school libraries. A short discussion of different methods to accomplish this and a summary of the training schedule followed.

Previous Minutes

Minutes of the March 2000 and March 2001 business meetings were approved.

Treasurer's Report

Margaret Culbertson distributed the Treasurer's Report, which was accepted. Finances are in good shape. The association's funds have been moved to a bank with lower service charges.

Nominating Committee

Jeff Alger reported that Barbara Opar had accepted the position of 2002-2003 Vice President. She will be planning the next conference, which will be in Louisville, Kentucky.

Membership Committee

Janine Henri distributed copies of the new membership brochure and asked for suggestions regarding paper color and printing. It was agreed that a heavier stock, cream-colored paper would be nice, possibly with olive-colored ink. Janine agreed to investigate printing costs, with planned distribution to all ACSA architecture libraries, ARLIS/NA Architecture Section members, appropriate library schools, and organizations, such as ACSA and NAAB. She will also look into sending the PDF file to Jim Robertson to be mounted on our Web site.

Publicity Committee

Kevin McMahon, Chair, was unable to attend the conference. Judy Connorton volunteered to work with him on the committee next year and investigate advertising the association in such publications as the ACSANews and Art Documentation.

Constitutional Amendment

The proposed Amendment, changing the wording in Article II, Section 1 from "increase the usefulness of" to "enhance the role of," was approved.

AASL Core List of Periodicals Report

Margaret Culbertson distributed the latest draft of the Core List and asked for input on the "Undecided Titles." A discussion about specific titles followed. Culbertson and Martin Aurand will compile a final draft of the list and post it on AASL-L for review.

Statistics Committee

Dana Beth distributed the prototype for the statistics report to be used for comparative purposes for architecture libraries. In response to her query about whether to restrict access to the completed reports, it was agreed that they should be available only to AASL and ARLIS/NA Architecture Section members, but not limited to contributors only. Posting on the Web would be desirable if access could be limited to AASL and ARLIS/NA Architecture Section members by password or similar means. Janine Henri volunteered to investigate whether these statistical categories could be incorporated into those we already compile for ACSA.

The group agreed that an ongoing committee would be needed to compile the reports annually, and that the previous years' reports should be kept available. Changes and suggestions regarding the categories or the collection and distribution of the statistics should be sent to Jeanne Brown.

NAAB Update

Kathy Brackney and Janine Henri distributed the final version of the Proposed Revisions to the NAAB's Conditions for Accreditation. It has been given to Sharon Matthews, the Executive Director of NAAB. Janine and Kathy will investigate writing training materials for accreditation team members to use when evaluating libraries.

New Business

Copyright: There was a brief discussion of copyright issues that would restrict Jim Robertson's offer to scan and post articles related to the accreditation process on our Web site. Polly Trump also mentioned her suggestion that we post out-of-copyright, "classic" essays used in architectural education that are sometimes difficult to find. Joon Mornes suggested that posting a bibliography of such essays might be an easier alternative.

Architecture Library Listings: Judy Connorton mentioned a recent call for information on libraries in ACSANews and offered to inform them of our list of Architecture School Libraries on the Web. She also reminded everyone to check the accuracy of their listing on the Web.

Core Reference Works: Judy Connorton volunteered to chair a committee to work on a Core Reference Works List. Barbara Opar volunteered to assist.

The meeting was adjourned by Judy Connorton.

Submitted by Margaret Culbertson, AASL Secretary/Treasurer